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Yoga of Sleep

What is the Yoga of Sleep?

Sleep Yoga or Yoga Nidra is a form of yoga meditation which allows the mind to rest and the body to heal.  Nidra translates to sleep.  While in a comfortable position either supine or seated, I will guide you deeper and deeper into a meditative state of relaxation.

The beauty of this type of meditation is anyone can do it.  It doesn’t take years of practice “stilling” the mind.  Your mind is occupied by listening to my guidance which takes you to a place of stillness.  It allows your “monkey mind” to rest.  You become the observer of the thoughts and not the thoughts.

Yoga Nidra the Yoga of Sleep is the easy way to meditate and reach the same benefits as all meditation only quicker.  The benefits of meditation are many.  If you are looking to sleep better, be happier, look great and increase your memory and brain functions, and who isn’t?  Then lay down and relax and let me guide you through the Yoga of Sleep.

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