The End is Near

I know it is.  The end of 2015 is coming swiftly to a close.  Take a  moment to think about the year in review.  Are you happy to see 2015 come to an end?  Are you looking forward to 2016?  Are you living in the moment?  Does any of that really matter to you?

Breathe…just breathe.  How often have you heard that this year?  It is helpful to breathe and live in the moment.  It stops us from lamenting about the past and expecting too much from the future.  Living in the moment keeps us in the center of right now.  All we really have is right now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow …well, do we really know what tomorrow will bring?  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring until tomorrow becomes today..right now.

One of my greatest teachers, Stuart Rice, would always say to me “don’t panic”.  Kind of our catch phrase.  Kind of funny…panic is so common among so many of us.  Especially the “us” who don’t live in the present moment.  The “us” who live in the past and in anticipation of the future.  The us who forget to just breathe and enjoy being here, now.  I am guilty.

I am also grateful.  Grateful for so many reminders on Facebook.  Grateful for so many opportunities in life to panic.  Grateful for friends who remind me “don’t panic”.  Even the most experienced guru’s are still living a human experience.  We all need gentle reminders to be mindful of the moment we are in right now, and stay in this moment, this present moment.

It is all an illusion.  Just breathe.